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Customer Reviews


Hi Nick,


Please find some words about our experience with ACB.

Design:The design was exactly what we needed to make the transition from the old pink and black 60’s bathroom into 2013!This included sensible balanced advice about how to make best use of the limited room sizeie remove bath - resite the toilet - make the shower the width of the room - install waterproof window in shower - install huge mirrored cabinet. Using the horizontally laid white tiles to the ceiling made the world of difference to perceived size/space. The open access to the frameless shower has ensured easier access now and in the future if required ie disbility. 

The choice of the tiles and the appliances was nowhere near as agonising as expected - quite straightforward actually - helped enormously by Nick’s willingness to provide his honest opinion when asked …whilst at all times listenting to the cutomer’s view.


This was important as he has had such extensive experience & seen such a variety bathroom renovations that we could draw on. The colour choices were amazingWorkmanship:All workmanship was considered to be at a highly competent level. The man of the house is a plumber by trade and a previous construction trades manager so knew exactly what he expected to occur. He was not disappointed !! Particular the repositioning of the under floor piping, new floor laid and the walling/ waterproof membrane etc. The tiling especially was outstanding!! The new ceiling was also very impressive.

All the tradies that attended were mostly timely, very respectful in their exchanges and all good communicators.All regularly cleaned up after themselves


Progress: Nick’s clearly written individually itemised contractual information was excellent so we knew exactly what we were dealing with up front. His email contact re progress payments was always respectful, trustworthy and trusting. The progress from beginning to end ( four weeks ) was completed mostly within expected timelines. A “ding” in a vanity door was replaced almost immediately. Nick’s advice and willingness to negotiate around change of mind ie door opening inwards to remain …was so so helpful.


The Final product:The new bathroom is quite simply stunning sophisticated and spacious!! We cannot believe how gorgeous it is and how lucky we are to have it!!Our friends are very very impressed.ThankyouWe cannot thank Nick and his staff and tradies enough.We would recommend Adelaide Complete Bathrooms with out hesitation!!


- Gayle Bartlett.





Hi Nick

Thanks for a great job! Christina has moved in and is very pleased with everything.
It’s like a totally new place now, and so contemporary.

It was really very useful to have the different concept drawings of the kitchen, laundry and bathroom so that we could get a good feel of where we were going and to decide what were the best options for us. Your advice on colour schemes was insightful and as we can see from the end result, you were spot on.

The combination of countertops, tiles and cupboards in the kitchen have really brightened the place up and it’s amazing how much usable space there is now. Changing to a breakfast bar has also worked well and it comfotably seats 3 and could do 4 if needed. The timing of the job was great and if we had picked different countertops, it would have been even faster. The pricing was also very competitive.

We are very pleased with the quality of workmanship and it was a delight to work with you and Dave throughout the process. 

Thanks again and we would have no hesitation in recommending Adelaide Complete Bathrooms to anyone.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


- Paul Manning.

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